Predictions for August 2, 2016 New Moon:

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ARIES:  You might want to seek advice from those in authority in order to gain clarity.  Yet you may not always believe what you hear—be sure to listen well.   Realize taking risks can sometimes be very self-destructive, particularly towards your health.  Realize before you commit yourself how things can be rather unpredictable during this time.  Family and those closest to you are featured and see how to find your peace at home.

TAURUS:  This month features many kinds of just rewards.  If you have been taking care of yourself this can be a great time to enjoy the benefits.  When it comes to the truth, which is very important this month, be sure to listen to your intuition.  Dreams can also be profound this month.  It also refers to photographs that can help hold on to memories.  It even features memories of the West, if not your own, then…

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