ASTROLOGY TIP: A Clue for Reading Charts

Arrow in Flight

In the last days of WWII, a British couple named Anthony and Elva Pratt conceived of a new board game designed as a murder mystery. It was published a few years later in England as “Cluedo,” and in North America as “Clue.” The game asked players to deduce the three main components of a murder: whodunnit, what weapon did they do it with, and in which room of the old mansion where the action takes place did they do it?

Whodunnit? The game provides a small cast of suspects, any of whom could have committed the nefarious deed in question. Was it the alluring femme fatale, Miss Scarlet? The bookish Professor Plum? The aging hunter and imperialist, Colonel Mustard? Each has a distinctive personality and agenda.

What’d they do it with? This layer of the deduction offers insight into how the crime was committed. Did it involve the bloodless, up…

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