myth takes episode 9 mythological tour of the solar system 6: saturn/kronos

Alison Innes


Saturn Devouring His  Sons. Francisco Goya circa 1819-1823. Image source: Wikipedia.

img_6482As we travel outwards in the solar system, we travel back in mythological time. This week we learn about Jupiter/Zeus’ father, Saturn/Kronos. The Greek and Roman depictions of him are quite different: Roman mythology emphasizes his agricultural connections and associates him with a Golden Age of mankind, whereas the Greek poet Hesiod depicts him as a tyrant.

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Source Passages

Hesiod Theogony 126-138, 158-187, 453-473

Virgil Aeneid 8.415-433

Ovid Metamorphoses 1

Translation Sources

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Selected Sources

NASA. “Saturn.”

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