Easing of Recent Tensions, A Rebirth of Inspiration & The Necessity of Change – The Next Phase of the Current Mars Retrograde Cycle.

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Mars (now moving direct) and forming an inconjunct with Uranus is currently on Scorpio 25:

“An X-Ray Photograph Helps With The Diagnosis” (Sabian Symbol)

so don’t be surprised if you experience minor irritations today along with potential insights.

With Mars now in trine to the Sun, we move to the next phase of the Mars Retrograde cycle bringing a likely rebirth of inspiration and (thankfully!) the easing, of what was previously, heightened tension around such irritations.

Are you now ready to take action (Mars) to alleviate any pain points that have been around since April and are you now fully acknowledging the necessity of such change?

What do you need to do (Mars) to improve your future? Tune into the Moon’s contact to Uranus and generate some excitement! around those potentials.

Be mindful that these changes are likely to take time, commitment and patience, with…

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