LIBRA: the Equanimity

Cosmic Cannibal

 A lot of astrology material has previously dubbed this air sign as an unprejudiced peacemaker, which is a very flattering title. But it doesn’t do Libras enough justice (and they are very concerned about justice). Impartial, idealistic, and full of both artistic and personal integrity, Librans are beautiful people with goals of dispersing their own brand of beauty to the world. They dream of their own personal paradise that is free from conflict and friction, but chock full of serene self-expression, not to mention a few thought-provoking intellectual debates and social interactions. And their natural gifts of airy objectivity and lighthearted optimism help them slowly achieve their principled contemplations. What they want surpasses fairness. Libra ushers in the adult half of the zodiac signs, the ones interested in something besides their possessions and personal partiality. It is the sign meant to guide the other 11 fire, earth, air, and water…

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