VIRGO: the Utility

Cosmic Cannibal

   Virgo wants everything right the first time, every time. This sign utilizes its resources efficiently, and holds everything and everyone to high standards. So as an astrologer, it is my duty to try and honor these desires and drives for dear, on the dot Virgo (represented astrologically by the Virgin or Maiden). Delving into the carefully preserved conglomeration of conductivity that is Virgo can be daunting, because there are so many fine points of which to be aware and considerate. So I will borrow a bit of the sign’s discerning cognizance to check off all of their character traits. The discrimination of Virgo is astounding. With a razor sharp mind, they slice through detailed information and environmental data effortlessly. These people are clear thinkers, unconcerned with anything accept the immediate reality of the moment. Their intelligence is both erudite and polished, and they are great with research. Virgins perceive…

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