LEO: the headliner

Cosmic Cannibal

Inside Leo, there are no deceptions or dishonesty, and nothing is hidden. So when you feast your eyes on the exuberant Lion, you see the real thing. Being real and authentic is a requirement for this fabulous fire sign, as they cannot and will not tolerate flakes, phonies, or falsehoods. Sincerity, even if it is masked by arrogance, is one of Leo’s best traits. Basically, both the Lion and the Lioness (including young cubs) are naïve. And they aren’t as equipped to handle pettiness or obscurity as some of the other more suspicious and cynical zodiac signs. Leos are, at their core generous and kind, and will do just about anything for someone in great need. And sure, they can get a little overzealous, overbearing, and overly concerned with themselves. But people are quick to forgive the Lion because they are so likable, and irresistibly charming (even if the charm…

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