The Moon’s Nodes, Pluto, Fate and the UK’s Brexit….

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I have been having an interesting exchange on Facebook today, having Shared thislink, a Brexit post-mortem in which, in an open memo to the outgoing British Prime Minister David Cameron, former Canadian High Commissioner to the UK, Jeremy Kinsman, describes in detail just how badly the Remain campaign failed. My introductory comment was “This does not miss, at all!”

The link and my comment elicited quite a few interesting and well-informed responses. Astrologer Tony Dickey however, ably illustrating the old cliche that a picture is worth a thousand words, had only this to say in reply: Neither does this”. The picture below, in astrological terms, certainly says it all:

(click image to enlarge) 

David Cameron the UK, the Nodes - and Pluto David Cameron, the UK, the Nodes – and Pluto

My response to the above bi-wheel chart, in which David Cameron’s horoscope at the centre is overlaid with the Brexit announcement’s chart on the outer…

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