GEMINI: the rave

Cosmic Cannibal

You may have heard about the overactive attention span of Gemini, and how it makes them seem a little ADHD and unqualified for any job that requires concentration. And that it disrupts their ability to finish their thoughts or tasks. But what I am guessing you haven’t heard is the catalyst behind their microscopic focus: the infamous and insatiable curiosity, which is a fusion of impatient interest and innocence. You see, in Gemini’s bright, observant eyes, the world is fit to burst with new things for the Twins to discover, and they need to discover it now. Gemini is very much the fiery air sign, because it shares a lot of characteristics with the zodiac’s blazing brethren; a sense of urgency, optimism, and adventure seeking to name a few. Geminis are quick, clever birds, with brains that work at hyper speeds, dancing from one thing to the next, like…

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