Pre Pluto-Moon destruction..

Hitchhiking Stars

I was thinking about writing a post with more focus on astrological stuff but at the moment I just can’t.

I’m feeling a massive rush of strange emotions that are preventing me from sending energy into my rational faculties..

(I can’t or perhaps I just don’t want to be too analytical now.)

Five minutes ago I was taking a look at my 2016 ephemeris and with agony seeing (again) that Pluto will shortly be squaring my natal moon to the exact degree for the 3rd time. Feeling anxious to see (not that I haven’t seeing it before) that Pluto will be in the same degree of my Moon for the next 6 months.

In general I do tend to be a positive type of person, always seeing pain as the side effect of growth. (just like Donna Cunningham beautifully explains on her book “Healing Pluto problems”)

But fucking hell, during…

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