Astrology: Sex, Death and the Occult

Arrow in Flight

Last week, I made a long drive to North Carolina to attend a four-day seminar given by the great astrologer, Steven Forrest.  Steve has written nearly a dozen books on Astrology, and they’re about the most accessible and helpful texts that I’ve read on the overall subject.  This was my third intensive seminar of Steve’s that I’ve experienced, which qualifies me as an official Forrest Apprentice.

On top of the certification-style advancement, though, it was also a very illuminating session!  The topic was “Sex, Death, and the Occult,” and we took a long look at where and how these concepts appear in a person’s birth-chart.  Mainly, we were studying Pluto the Planet, the Sign of Scorpio, and the Eighth House, with a dash of Mars thrown in, too.

Of the three named concepts, we probably leaned on death the hardest, then sex (only in the sense of people bonding in…

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