The People’s Princess… Still

Blue Orb Cafe with Lea Kennedy

4f461986b29877ac5591f2245b1c61c2“Being a princess isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. … I like to be a free spirit. Some don’t like that, but that’s the way I am. … Hugs can do great amounts of good – especially for children.” ~ Princess Diana, ( a strong Cancerian woman) 

(Princess Diana had a Cancer Sun but she also had a strong Sagittarian rising as well, which would give rise to her saying “I like to be a free Spirit”                                                                                 Your rising sign is the planet that was coming up over the horizon at the moment of your birth and can be just as powerful as your Sun sign, as is evidenced in this…

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2 thoughts on “The People’s Princess… Still

  1. wizron

    Great observations. Diana also had her Moon in Aquarius, which added a lot to her “free-spiritedness” (bearing in mind that John Lennon also had the Moon in Aquarius). Aquarius is the sign of humanity – people, hence “The People’s Princess”.

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    1. Grandtrines Post author

      Quite familiar with Aquarian Moons; not always easy to live with, but I agree about reaching out to many people.

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