Into the Sagittarian Full Moon – Jun 19 & 20

5D Astrology

Snapshot: As I write this so early Sunday morning, our motivation for intimacy makes an adjustment to our personal freedom. Sunday night brings us a magical aspect between our communication and use of personal authority. And on Monday morning we wake to the Full Moon in Sagittarius which will have us contrasting our local/global issues. Sunday has so many other aspects as well that it can not be summarized here. Please read below.

Here are the details for Monday:

At 7:03am the Moon at 29:33 Sagittarius Opposes the Sun at 29:33 Gemini creating the Full Moon energy.

29 degrees of each Sign is called an Anaretic (critical) degree. It is the quintessential energy of the Sign. While our goals and purpose at this moment (Sun) is centered around local things, our feelings are in the Sign of philosophy and global perspective. This contrast will help us to see how we…

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