Full Moon June 2016

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Full Moon
June 20th, 2016

A Full Moon comes together early Monday morning, around 6am CST, and 7am EDT, in the last degree of Sagittarius. Last month’s Full Moon was also in Sagittarius. A Full Moon is the Moons cycles highest peak, and it create a fertile energy and helps end things that aren’t working for us! We usually feel more intuitive during the Full Moon, with wild dreams and psychic visions. We can have sudden random Ah-Ha moments that we should really pay attention to and even investigate. The light of the Full Moon illuminates the truth, so it’s going from the unconscious to the conscious mind, it’s being made aware of things we either didn’t know or underrated yet.

A Full Moon is actually one of the most tense aspects between the Moon and the Sun every month, so just for one more day the Sun is in…

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