Neptune Retrograde square Saturn…a meditation on the persistence of beauty…

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Neptune turned retrograde on Monday 13th June 2016, at 12 degrees of its own sign of Pisces, making a second exact square with Saturn in Sagittarius on 18th June. The third and final square in this difficult planetary dance takes place at 10 degrees of their respective signs on 10th September 2016, after which the square gradually loses potency, reaching 10 degrees of separation by the end of 2016.


A great battle between order (Saturn) and chaos (Neptune)  has been raging since the end of 2015 in particular,  as mass migration of peoples – often by sea – fleeing wars and persecution at a level not seen since the end of the Second World War, has challenged European nations’ capacity to cope. With the gradual waning of the turbulent, violent, purgative years of  Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn, at the same time as the waning of  Saturn square Neptune,  we can only hope for…

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    1. Grandtrines Post author

      You are welcome! I am flattered! I reblog a fair amount of content, and sometimes some of it is duplicate between the two blogs (if I think an article fits in both places). I think sometimes my content (often 10 pieces per day per blog, maybe more on LDA) overwhelms some of my RSS subscribers (they seem to come and go). And during lunations (New Moon / Full Moon) the reblog count can be very high per day, in the range of 20 to 40. But, I try to provide a forum to many voices with the idea that each has something to contribute, ranging from absolute beginners to master astrologers such as yourself. (After all, how do the beginners reach mastery without practice? And how do they continue to practice without encouragement, such as reblogs? And, how do we all avoid becoming a narrow monoculture without the ideas of the many?)

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      1. Anne Whitaker

        Well, I think it’s just great that through your approach you are making such a range of quality astrology available to a wide audience. Being highly mercurial, I am delighted to be helping this process along!

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      2. Grandtrines Post author

        Thank you! That said, maybe we should move this to email. (I would rather not disclose some info quite so publicly.)

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