Will I Be Remembered


Will I Be Remembered

When my time
On Earth is over
Prayers all said and done
Farewells spoken a last time
Stories retold; amongst friends
Last gathering of people
Only common thing, was knowing me

People I’ve met
During the course of my life
Those that were there
Refusing to leave me alone
Also through happier times
Experiencing good and bad moments
In the end, was it worth knowing me

How many seasons, will be seen
Before I am only a memory
Fading a little bit more
As time carelessly flows ahead
Did I used my time wisely
Was it lived the way I wanted
Still, was it worth knowing me

Those friends that were there
Were they treated properly
Was I true, returned the gestures
Maybe there’s something
Left unfinished somewhere
Did I even tell them
How much they meant to me
Was I even deserving
Having them in…

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