Tarot Spread – Neptune Retrograde

The Butterfly Witch

Welcome to my first Tarot post…and my first Tarot spread ever!

I’ve been practicing the Tarot since October of last year. I was so excited to finally have a deck to work with after a decade of wanting one! As a teenager, I’d been fascinated by tarot and how intimately my friends seemed to know their decks. Some of them even made people cry with the accuracy of their readings! Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to own them. I didn’t grow up in a particularly religious household, but my family was definitely superstitious; Mom gave Tarot a hard NO!

So, at 30, I purchased my first deck ever: the Tarot of Marseille. Shortly after that I purchased The Goddess Tarot. The decks are very different from each other, but I fell completely in love with both (and with reading tarot itself!)

To me, tarot is an incredibly powerful symbolic…

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