Saturn through the Minor Arcana

The Cottage Upstairs

There are five Minor Arcana cards that have Saturn in common. Okay, so you know how there are no truly bad tarot cards. In the right context, even cards as scary-looking as Death, the Tower, and the Ten of Swords can mean something positive. The same is true of astrology, where there are no completely horrible planets. But as with those tarot cards, there are planets that make a grim first impression, and Saturn is one of them. Before the discovery of Uranus, Saturn marked the outer limits of the solar system. It was the farthest known planet and the slowest. This has a lot to do with its meanings in astrology. Saturn is the planet that represents limitations, reality, responsibility, form, loss, restrictions, time, solitude, fear, insecurities, and slowness. As you can see from that list, it’s not that Saturn is evil, but it represents things that aren’t fun…

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