Pluto-Moon bummer 3

Hitchhiking Stars

(Just need to get this out of my chest)


I’m aware of Pluto’s retrograde motion getting closer to square my natal Moon again, but I wasn’t expecting that.

I just got a phone call from my mother telling me that she broke her foot and that it will take her at least 45 days to recover (maybe). She won’t be able to do anything so obviously I am going to be the one to just drop everything down (which perhaps isn’t much anyways?) and go to Brazil to nurse her 24/7.


I cannot put in words the myriad of intense emotions that this situation has just triggered in me.

One of the big things during this Pluto transit was to realise that my mother isn’t really who I thought she was.

Most of my life, out of feminism or I don’t really know what, I’ve always bought what she…

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