Another Introduction

We had no idea that knitting was the “stuff of metaphysical science.” Welcome to Lost Dudeist Astrology, where we special in Metaphysical Science (especially the Shadow Side of it, as practiced by Lost Dudeist Astrologers.)


I find it impossible to introduce myself in writing to strangers, telling them a little bit about me in a way that helps them understand who I am. I worry about the  image my self-description creates.


I’m certainly not a gray-haired granny knitting booties from a rocker but I do have nine grandchildren. I don’t knit, though. I try it every couple of years. My fingers are too fat. The work is mindless. The instructions are the stuff of metaphysical science and I can’t understand them.

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2 thoughts on “Another Introduction

    1. Grandtrines Post author

      You are welcome! As others have said, the pictures are essential. Otherwise, someone might think you were off your rocker.


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