The Art of Living

Everything I Never Told You


Sometimes my life resembles
a Jackson Pollock painting,
infused with many hues
splashed onto a canvas
on the floor.
Dripping with wild emotions
in an unlocked cage.

My emotions exploding
in a color riot.

Blue is the predominant color
born out of storms
and robin nests.
Yellow fights to soak through,
wanting me to notice the sun,
to consider the light.

Red sits along the edges
winking at me
in all its vibrance.
We share pleasures remembered.
Falling in love, into silk sheets,
not one regret.

White peaks through,
the ghost of all I have lost.
A dove suggest peace.

Black reminds me
that depression is a dim light
always flickering nearby.
Whispering doubt.

Sometimes my life resembles
a Jackson Pollock painting.
Living years poured
over a canvas of petals.
Chaos becomes beauty
when dripping paint.

-Tosha Michelle

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