Neptune Retrograde – June 13, 2016

The Butterfly Witch

June’s powerful astrological movements continue this Monday, with Neptune entering retrograde at 4:42 PM (EST).

What does Neptune retrograde have in store for us?

Neptune is the ruler of mists, haze, divine mysteries, and the sea. It makes sense that this beautiful blue planet also rules dreamy, sensitive Pisces, no?

This retrograde period, which runs from June 13 until November 19 this year, is a wonderful time to open our eyes to renewed clarity. Our dreams and intuition will become more vivid and real to us. Introspective activities will provide greater insights into our spiritual selves, our creative selves, and our shadow selves.

Basically, in Neptune Retrograde, the fog lifts, allowing our spiritual energies to run more openly than ever!

This is a powerful time for us to match our dreams and intuition with our desires.

There are, of course, shadow sides to everything, and this retrograde motion is no…

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