The closing lightness

Hitchhiking Stars

I’ve had an intense day today.

The opposition between Mars in Scorpio and Mercury in Taurus were bang on on my Ascendant/descendant axis.

Lots of anger coming up and issues with communication.

Anyways, cutting the story short, today in order to avoid exploding with my friend (the one I’ve been living with who’s got Mars in a tight conjunction with my Pluto) I decided to meet one of my exes.

I know it sounds a bit strange. Not even I can explain myself sometimes. (many times)

Anyways, the guy I went to see today was the one I got pregnant from on my Saturn return. The one that had a very important role in creating massive drama in my life. During that time he mistreated me in so many different ways that all of my friends didn’t like him at all. (But my Venus square Neptune insisted on seeing his…

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