Custom Astrology T-Shirts (etc.)

Roving Souls

For those of you who watch Kaypacha’s weekly Pele Report you may have come here from this week’s report. To get a custom astrological t-shirt (or any of our other merchandise available through Redbubble) please email us your birth data (date, exact time, and location of your birth) at We will create the chart and send you a link to buy whatever you want from Redbubble (any item, virtually any color and any size). Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments! Here are the available items…BUT DON’T BUY ANYTHING UNTIL YOU CONTACT US FIRST!!!

Birth Date
Birth Time
Birth Location

***Please let us know what color shirt and ink you would like so we can customize your order correctly. For example, if you would like a light colored shirt then we recommend a darker ink. If you would like a darker shirt then we recommend…

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