After eight years, big changes at Writing from the Twelfth House…

Really sorry to see you go. (I do not use Facebook, so unless you repost that content here I will not be able to follow you.)

Writing from the Twelfth House

I spent the whole of 2007 wrestling with a dinosaur-like resistance to embracing the new technological world unfolding and wrapping itself around us all whether we liked it or not. Eventually, I decided to go with creative openness and joined it, setting up “Writing from the Twelfth House” in May 2008. I still can’t quite believe how things have opened out from that early start.

Anne and Friend compose the latest blog post.... Anne and Friend compose the latest blog post….

image by Paul F Newman

I’ve written masses, made a number of good new internet friends and contacts, had heartwarming exchanges with more folk than I can count – to which the comments on my blog posts are testimony – published four e-books, and much, much more…it’s been, and continues to be, a blast.

However, I am now specialising: focusing on my blog Astrology: Questions and Answers, its Facebook Page, a bi-monthly column for the UK’s  Astrological…

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4 thoughts on “After eight years, big changes at Writing from the Twelfth House…

    1. Grandtrines Post author

      Just checked it out. Already subscribed! Yes, time release is a very good technique. I use it on both Mystic Rectangles (which is primarily aspectarian in nature) and Weekly Forecasts. SOMEtimes I use it on Grandtrines & Lost Dudeist. It really does make life easier (though some readers very nearly DEMAND “fresh” content daily (i.e. refers to today’s events specifically)).


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