What Were You Doing in 2012?

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You don’t have to be in to Astrology to realize that we are in some transitionary times:  technology, evolution, divinity … whatever you would like to call it, but things are changing.

If you do follow Astrology, you will keep hearing about how important 2012 as the precursor to what is most likely going on in your life right now …

So I think back to my 2012 … I had my 4th child, my fiery Aries who dang near killed me.  Two turbulent marriages, court proceedings, different parenting styles, extended family issues, job issues, financial challenges … things had not been easy the previous 12 years.  And this one, seriously ‘snuck on through’.  I was BEAT physically, 42 years old and found myself pregnant.  From one time not even in the correct time of my cycle.

She is my Kali.

And sometimes things have to be destroyed before they…

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