Some thoughts on retro Mars, Saturn – and Muhammad Ali

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Well, folks, transiting Mars is retrograding over my Scorpio IC/South Node, transiting Saturn retro squares my Ascendant/Descendant whilst transiting Neptune hovers there. Jupiter in Virgo transiting the First House, opposing one of these and squaring the other,  is persecuting me with billowings of detail and admin which I can’t be bothered doing…I have a series of posts on the Nodes lined up, waiting to be edited, but can’t seem to get around to it.


In short, I am being incredibly, uncharacteristically, lackadaisical. 

Anyone else out there feeling like this? Don’t all of you rush to tell me at once. On second thoughts, my  guess is, you can’t be bothered. But never mind…Mars goes direct at the end of June, catching up with himself by 22nd August 2016. Saturn goes direct on 13th August, catching up with where HE left off by 20th November 2016. That interminable Saturn/Neptune square will make its last…

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2 thoughts on “Some thoughts on retro Mars, Saturn – and Muhammad Ali

    1. Grandtrines Post author

      LDA is my blog for more general astrology (especially astrology “theory”) other than forecasts. (I have Grand Trines focused mostly on forecasts now, and the new blog “Weekly Forecasts” even more so.) Sometimes I put non-astrology content on LDA as well (numerology, general metaphysics, even the occasional pinup girl 🙂 I note Mercury opposes Mars today, so “interesting” conversations are almost inevitable!)


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