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Supernova in Leo

In a galaxy far, far away…36 million light years to be exact…M66, a spiral galaxy, had a star go supernova. We are just now observing that event that happened all those millions of years ago. It came into view last weekend.

There was a time when astronomy and astrology were one and the same science. Now, astronomy deals with the physical aspects of the stars and planets, while astrology deals with the affects those same stars and planets have on planet Earth and all her inhabitants.

So what does this supernova mean astrologically for us Earthlings? Truth be told, I have no facts for you, just “gut” instinct. We are already aware of the affect solar flares from our own Sun has upon the Earth and us, but this happened 36 million years ago. Well, instinct says that only means it took that long for the energy of that event…

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