Star: 14 – Some Conclusions (part 3)


Was Jesus really a woman? I don’t think so, but a lot of people have speculated that he might have been an hermaphrodite. This would help explain the balance in his birth chart.


Let us continue with Anthony Harris’ theory that Jesus was actually a woman. According to his investigations, he feels that Mary’s ‘Immaculate Conception’ may have been caused by radiation from the angel Gabriel:

Parthenogenesis is a routine fact of biology and experimental embryology. It is common in the natural form in many invertebrates, simple animals and certain reptiles. However, the main point taught by current science is that the ovum contains within it the ‘potentiality to form a new being.’ The stimulus is usually the male sperm, but changes in the chemical environment of the ovum can initiate division, as indeed can sudden shocks, radiation, and mechanical stimulation…

There are over a billion…

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