The Karmic Wheel Tarot Spread in Action

Arrow in Flight

The other day, for the New Spread Saturday photo challenge that I co-host each month over on Instagram, I posted a new Tarot spread based on the concepts of reincarnation and karma. After reading the killer write-up and additional blog post that a friend, Joy @joyjjj, posted after she used the spread, I figured I could take a crack at my own design.

So in brief here, the cards seem to be saying that in a previous existence, I was obliged to live in the trenches and make it an ongoing practice to fight off adversaries…but at least I did it with integrity (7 of Wands: “Valour”). This current life is characterized by issues that revolve around material comfort (4 of Disks: “Power”): how much is enough, what do I deserve to have, what will I do with wealth whenever I accumulate it…? I’m heading for a subsequent life dealing with…

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