The astrology of the Minor Arcana

The Cottage Upstairs

I’ve been getting back into the tarot lately. (Maybe it was the tarot conference.) Sure, that means doing more readings, but I’ve also been reading more tarot books. Which got me thinking about the tarot’s astrological associations, because it never takes much to get me thinking about astrology, and this way, I could think about both astrology and tarot: whee!

I’ve only learned one system of tarot-astrology correspondences: the one created by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Apparently that was like imprinting; I’ve never felt a strong urge to learn another system. It’s a multi-layered system. Each of the Major Arcana is paired with a planet, an element, or a sign of the zodiac. In the Minor Arcana, the Aces are matched to the elements, while each card from Two to Ten has a planet-in-sign association. The Court Cards are associated with elements and with zodiac signs.

Eight of Wands card with astrological glyphs circled. The…

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