Star: 14 – Some Conclusions


At the beginning of this journey we got a glimpse of a description of Jesus. But what if that was a forgery? What if he looked nothing like how we see him today? What if he wasn’t even male?

Treasure of the Knights Templar

It has been a long journey, this review of the life and times of Jesus of Nazareth. But a couple of mysteries remain: for example, how do the Cathar ‘heresy’ and the Knights Templar connect with Jesus’ horoscope (and the cabalistic Tree of Life)? Well, as ‘chance’ would have it, I found yet another book which brought me back in tune with their concealed truth. The book, written by Anthony Harris, called The Sacred Virgin and the Holy Whore (Sphere Books Limited, published by the Penguin Group, London, 1988), describes another man’s quest for the Holy Grail:

The Inquisition records reveal that…

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