Mercury Retrograde

Fantastik Voyage


Many people may not know that last Sunday May 22 we just concluded a mercury retrograde (this one fell between April 28th and May 22nd), pretty much this is where everyone who doesn’t know about astrology gets to have the experience, though not sure what it is and perhaps suspecting that something weird is going on. Associated with lost keys, late or lost payments, disk drive failures, and communication mishaps, the mercury retrograde is not known to have a very good reputation, yet there are some people that love it- if you are the creative type (like me!), or if you have a slightly tweaky mind (like me!), if you like the feeling of swimming against the current, or you might be someone who looks forward to the retrograde happening.
For those of you who don’t know about this astrological “happening,” here’s the easiest way to explain it: The planet Mercury…

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