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Johnny Depp has always been one of my favourite actors. In the past 9 days his beloved Mother passed away May 20 in Los Angeles and his wife of 15 months the lovely Amber Heard has filed for divorce May 26 with a restraining order against Depp claiming that he physically assaulted her. They had no pre-nup agreement and Amber could stand to get 1/2 of his hundreds of millions. 

JOhnny Depp, Tara Greene astrology

Johnny also got into a kerfuffle with the OZ officials for trying to smuggle in their two little dogs,against the rules. 

Lets check out Johnny’s chart to see what the stars are doing 

JOhnny Depp Astrology Tara Greene

Johnny hasn’t been looking well since he married Herd actually. The handsome actor known for his gorgeous cheek-bones has put on weight, looks bloated and unkempt. He has had addictions problems in the past. So what’s going on with the very talented actor who’s Alice Through The…

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