An Introduction to Collective Astrology

Perhaps the best article I have ever seen on this subject (which I call “Generational” rather than “Collective”), and almost identical to our own views.

journeys in the astral light

Currently I am in the process of publishing a lot of words about generational or collective astrology and its impacts. Collective astrology is a phrase I use to describe astrological factors that affect everyone born in a period of a year or more, so if there is something happening up there that is slow enough to be in the chart of everyone born in a single 12 month period, I am calling it a generational or collective effect. From this point of view, then, a generation is a very elastic concept, as it can encompass any unit of time greater than a year. With an astrological model we can talk about different sizes of generations of people being connected to different planets and signs, and that’s what this message is about.


Aspectsbetween slow moving planets are part of our collective astrology, but in this message I am focusing on

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