The (Continuing) Troubles of a Certain Mr A and his Solar Return for 2016-17


Referring back to posts earlier posts, the saga of Mr A continues concerning a fiery relationship forged during 20105-2012 which, according to his Firdaria, in late 2016-17 has real potential not only to lead to violent situations, but also to destroy all that he has achieved in life (and more).

Let’s see what his 2016-17 Solar Return chart has to say  – (no birth time so house placement is not accurate hence it is impossible to determine which areas of the life will be most affected) :

Mr A solar return

Summary – a challenging year full of angry thoughts and communications as well as emotional blackmail that is likely result in a divorce or separation, reduced finances, and an an unpleasant, emotional wake-up call. This is not to say that this change of circumstances will be unwelcome. Although getting through the year will be frustrating, if Mr A can accept that he…

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