The attraction of new horizons…what is the Jupiter Cycle?

Powerful article about Jupiter cycles. Saturn tears us down leaving only what is essential, but it is Jupiter that builds us up (long term).

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Optimistic, expansive and meaning-seeking Jupiter has been in the sign of Virgo since 11th August 2015, driving us all crazy ( well, me, anyway…!) with its cheerfully relentless insistence on work, work, work, and detail, detail, more detail.. . I jest, but only slightly….  Excitement is however, already building in anticipation for Jupiter’s shift into Libra on 9th September 2016, where he will remain until 10th October 2017; try googling ‘Jupiter’s shift into Libra’ and you’ll see what I mean.

Nearer the time, there will be torrents of words offered across the web regarding what this shift is likely to bring for all of us in general, but folks with the Sun and other planets in Libra in particular. However, for today I want to concentrate on  Jupiter’s 11-12 year cycle.

Jupiter - the Great BeneficJupiter – the Great Benefic

What is the Jupiter Cycle?

As ever, it is important at the outset of…

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9 thoughts on “The attraction of new horizons…what is the Jupiter Cycle?

  1. wizron

    Yes, powerful indeed. However, we must remember that Jupiter orbits INSIDE the orbit (and restrictions) of Saturn, and must therefore include Saturn in its relentless growth (the universe is constantly expanding). So there are important Saturn lessons to be learned before one can achieve unlimited expansion and true freedom via the self-responsibility of Saturn.

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    1. Grandtrines Post author

      And, that is the end of the story if you are a traditionalist (which I am not). Saturn, in turn, answers to Uranus. For every three turns of Saturn, Uranus turns once. It tears down old Saturnine restrictions to make room for new growth. Neptune, in turn, introduces spirituality but often under the restraint of a Guru. Pluto removes (kills, by assassination via poison) the Guru, providing the most radical transformation of all.

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  2. wizron

    Good point Grandtrines. And then of course we have Chiron, who plays between and sometimes merges the energies of Saturn (Chiron the wounded and restricted hermit studying hard in his cave) and Uranus (alternative Chiron healing methods and the radical and rebellious Punk Rock movement at the end of the 70’s when Chiron was discovered). And Lilith, and the ‘dark feminine’, and the women’s liberation movement……

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    1. Grandtrines Post author

      Which reminds me, I am wondering how to interpret the orbital pattern of the International Space Station. I bet it is a fairly good predictor of the occurrences of dreams and dreaming. 🙂

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