Star: 11 – North Node: The Star of Destiny (part 2)


Does a man with a date with destiny duck out of the chance to fulfill it? Of course not. Jesus knew what he had to do, and even though it cost him his life, he did it anyway, gladly.

Accuracy of the Biblical account

The timing of Jesus’ crucifixion and “death” seems to be quite accurate in Matthew’s version of the events. According to my calculations, sunrise took place on that fateful day at 5:49 am local time. The passage states that darkness fell over the scene between the sixth and the ninth hours. In accordance with the “death point” instructions, I have erected the Crucifixion chart at 12:01 pm, approximately six hours after sunrise (for that is how they told their time during the day, always counting off the hours between sunrise and sunset), when the Ascendant transited 24° Cancer (which in turn makes…

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