A Short Tale of Sublime Death in the Key of House 8

Yin Your Yang

death Death from the Morgan-Greer Tarot deck

I’ve come close to drowning twice in my life — once when I was four and later, when I was twelve. Even as just a kid with an infant consciousness I remember on both occasions my short life flashing before my eyes. It’s an amazing showreel not of highlights but of every. single. second. you’ve lived (or perhaps that’s what the mind fills up the airtime with in the absence of decades of experiences?). I also remember the sensation, especially on the second occasion, of splitting into the physical and intangible. I could feel my body cry out for help, every time it bobbed up over a swelling Arabian Sea, in a mechanical sort of way (like it was something I was mimicking from the movies, and quite unnatural to me). And I remember my intangible self feeling floaty and wonderful — there was…

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