Becoming Queen of the Underworld & the Psychology of Seasons.

The Holistic Branch

The Fate of Persephone, 1877 (oil & tempera on canvas) The Fate of Persephone, 1877 (oil & tempera on canvas) by Crane, Walter (1845-1915);  ( Queen of the Underworld; Goddess of Spring;); Photo © Christie’s Images; English, out of copyright

This past month cycle has surely been interesting in terms of self discovery and insight, especially the last two weeks. I know I’m not alone in saying so, due to pretty much every conversation I’ve had with someone lately. I always encourage looking to nature for explanations and healing (as within, so without)  as we reflect the seasons, weather and energetic pull of the planet(s) in our own physical and psychological being. Observing these shifts of different aspects, how they affect us and how to maintain our harmony with them is a health practice, undoubtedly!

Anyone following astrology has probably heard that 4 planets are in retrograde phase right now; Pluto, Saturn, Mercury and Mars. When planets are in a…

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