Star: 9 – Jupiter/Saturn: The Star of David (part 2)


If Jupiter and Saturn (combined) symbolize the union of Church and State, Jesus message is clear: the roles of King and Priest are complete in him. The universal conflict is resolved.

Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect

A fascinating book, Meeting the Shadow: The Hidden Power of the Dark Side of Human Nature, contain contributions by a great many “thinkers” of this day and age. The most apt, for our study of this union of light and darkness, comes from Brother David Steindl-Rast in his The Shadow of Christianity: In contrast to some other traditions, Christians have not done particularly well in cultivating a practical method of integrating the shadow. This is part of the reason we have some of the problems that plague us today. In its enthusiasm for the divine light, Christian theology has not always done justice to the divine…

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