Star: 10 – Neptune: The Mystic Star (part 2)


The Creation Myth has managed over the centuries to be changed many times into many different disguises but the one constant throughout time is that we originated somewhere else.

The Myth of Sophia

With the above-noted statement in mind, I would like to quote you, from Jung and the Lost Gospels, the Myth of Sophia: High in the ineffable and transcendental world of light there existed a primal pair named Depth and Silence. Together they brought forth a perfect realm of balance and creative power, consisting of thirty archetypal forms of consciousness called Aeons. The youngest and most adventurous of these, called Sophia (Wisdom), fell in love with her own royal progenitor, the great invisible king of the all, called Depth, and wished to fathom his perennially inscrutable nature. Confused by her love, she cast her glance in various directions from her…

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