Star: 8 – Pluto: The Transformative Star (part 3)


Are you ready to be transformed? Most people say they are, but when ‘push comes to shove’, they opt for the easy route, meaning doing nothing at all. This choice will not change anything, but it will succeed in making your life more difficult.


Many people going through transformations in these days recognize Pluto’s continual influence in bringing to light hidden motives and agendas. If Pluto can be equated to Set, or Satan, I think that his purpose is to purify our baseness by exposing it to Divine Light and Fire. David Wood, in his book Genisis, recognized that the union of a six-pointed star (hexagram) and a five-pointed star (pentagram) in the landscape near Rennes-le-Château created a seven-pointed star, thereby demonstrating the secret of the 7 Elohim or Creator-Gods.

7 The Typhon-Set:The sum of the female 3 and the masculine 4, the…

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