Stars & Flying Sparks

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Image of 2015 Lyrid Meteor Shower, to illustrate post on life and the 'zinc spark' of life. Photo: Kris Williams, via American Meteor Society

sparks fly! conception!

a stellar invitation

save the date! it said

forty weeks of gestation

enter dragon, leo-fire

That’s me, leo AND dragon. A fierce combination, right? Although I don’t live my life guided by astrology, I do identify with a lot of the traits assigned to my signs. On the topic of life path’s and traits being foretold, check out Dan Millman’s Life Purpose Calculatorif that kind of thing interests you. The link gives a bit of info, but if you want to read more, plug the number and ‘life purpose’ into your search engine- be prepared to go ‘wow!’ I have the book and I was blown away by the eerily spot on descriptions of not only myself, but countless friends and family members.

The opening line of the tanka was inspired by the most amazing thing I’ve learnt…

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  1. 10000hoursleft

    Thanks for the reblog. I was initially concerned that my musings were on an astrology site cause I don’t want to mislead people, but if you aspire to be the inhouse astrologer for the onion, then I’m pleased to be an occasional correspondent 😊

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