Noel Charlton and Gregory Bateson

I can't believe it!

I was very sorry to hear recently of the death of Noel G. Charlton. I did not know Noel well, but remember him as a regular and enthusiastic supporter of our Manchester Schumacher Lectures in the decade from the mid 1990s, often coming with his wife Jean to our post-event celebrations.

bateson_coverSome time later, Noel’s book Understanding Gregory Bateson was published – described as the first accessible introduction to Bateson’s work. A copy has graced my shelves for some years now, and does indeed provide a good source of information on Bateson, a true modern Renaissance Man who deserves study.

You can find good introductory material on Noel’s website. I can give no better introduction than to quote from this material:

“The thought of Gregory Bateson (1904-1980): biologist, anthropologist, systems thinker, psychologist, student of animal communication, ecologist and profound thinker, eventually drawing together science and spirituality, is now urgently, vitally important to us all.


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