50 Lessons in Palmistry – Lesson 1

Palmistry Solutions

The Mounts of the Hand

This hand is to explain the mounts, and each
lesson must be referred to this hand until you get
in your mind the map of the hand and its lines, to
know the position they occupy.

Will, reason and logic are found in the thumb,
the more one can bend the thumb back, the more
will power they have.

Venus is below the thumb; the higher this
mount, the more passionate one is. Jupiter is next;
the higher this mount the more one will stand up
for his rights. Saturn is next, and the higher this
mount, means the person is scientific and will be
happy; if many lines cross together it means
Apollo or the Sun, next, means talent and
glory; if crossed by lines, failures. Mercury, next;
if this mount be high means a change of fortune.
Mars, next, on the percussion…

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