Gemini Can Break Free Of Their Chains

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Gemini May 20th thought June 20th 2016

Gemini is also known as the twins. When a Gemini speaks, many of them will reference their statement’s as a “We” instead of “I”. On May 9th Jupiter moves direct. There is a lot of action on the real estate home front if you are pursuing a change. Things should shift forward if you are planning on selling, or buying a home. With the new moon in Taurus on May 6th. Jupiter and mercury going direct things that have been latent in an area of your life can seem to coming to an end on some level. This is a time of letting go of things from the past that are holding you back, including negative relationships that have been hindering you.  These situations will finally be coming to an end. You will be ready to let go of negative…

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