Queen of Cups- Seeing the Love that’s not here



There is a veiled spirit that guide’s you. The Queen of Swords is the card that removed the veil and gets you closer to the mysteries of your being. We all have an oracle within that can answer any question one might have. Trusting your feelings, following your emotions, are messages from the soul. These messages are unconcious, and may cause confusion thanks to the veil. But the veil can and will be removed.
In a calm sea you are able to see your reflection. In a calm mind you will begin to see the reflection of the soul manifest in this reality. Trusting in your instincts, acting on your instincts, is simultaneously building your intuition, the veiled Queen of Cups. This will lead to her birthing you a new outlook on your emotions and how you see life. Calming your mind and listening to your inner voice, will bring…

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