Naked Secrets Unearthed: Uranus in Scorpio

journeys in the astral light

Greetings, and welcome back! Today I am offering some thoughts on the influence of Uranus in Scorpio. I have published a detailed message about Uranus earlier in this journal, but it is not necessary to read it to understand what I have to present below, as I present a summary of its most important points.

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On an exceptionally clear night under perfect conditions, Uranus is only just visible to the naked eye and was not discovered as a planet until relatively recently, with the invention of telescopes, because it is so dim as to be nigh invisible and has a slow orbit so it moves only very gradually through the sky, masquerading as a faint star or a comet. Astrologically it is the first of the trans-personal or supernal planets, which have their orbits beyond Saturn and which lead us beyond the mundane realms – Saturn is the final astrological…

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