The Burning Path: Chiron in Aries

journeys in the astral light

Hello and welcome back to journeys for April 2016 🙂 This month and for some months to come I am going to be publishing articles with a more specific focus than the ones I have been sharing this year so far. Hopefully, these will also be briefer and easier to absorb than the heavy dishes I have placed on the table recently. However, in the background I am continuing to cook up fattening feasts for later…its just my way of writing.

So, continuing in the direction established by my message on Saturn in Sagittarius I will be examining the slower moving planets in the signs, this month presenting some thought on Chiron in Aries and Uranus in Scorpio. Eventually I will cover all the bases for Chiron, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in the signs. I invite you to vote for your personal wishes for May in the comments. The…

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